AI Powered Analytics, Visualization and Portals

Vu360 Solutions developed advanced tools and AI based algorithms that allow large amounts of data to be analyzed quickly to provide easy insights and actionable information in variety of use cases.

Some of the use cases that have been successfully deployed include:

  • Analysis of large amount demographic data in Cities, States or Countries to provide useful insights about living patterns, behaviors and spending habits etc.
  • The Data can be used Foreign Direct Investors (FDIs) to evaluate demographics and make informed decisions about type of investments and potential returns etc.
  • The Data can also be used by the local governments to launch effective public training or public health programs.

  • Analysis Public Health Programs including demographic patterns, current availability of health facilities and correlation between demographics and diseases etc.

  • The data can be used by local and central governments to improve healthcare and derive more efficiencies throughout the system.

  • The Tools and capabilities can also be used by large and complex supply chains such as government controlled pharmaceutical supply chains to reduce waste, pilferage and in general improve the overall efficiency.

The Main capabilities offered by Vu360 Solutions Include:

  • Automatic and Real time Ingestion of all the data to provide up to date information
  • Custom portals for organizations for them to engage with their potential clientage in most effective manner
  • Custom Mobile application providing full functional access to information
  • Visualization tools to provide full analytic capabilities
  • Pre existing or custom AI/Machine learning based algorithms to provide insights and actionable information