Asset Tracking & Geo Fencing

Vu360 Solutions’ IoT based platform can track and monitor assets in warehouses, factory floors, repair facilities, Yards and Geo Tracking over large areas.

Vu360 Asset tracking solution is unique in the industry as it allows “multimode” technologies to be used from simple barcoding to multi-layer coding for enhanced security and from RFID based tracking to GPS/Cellular/satellite tracking to cover large geographical areas.

  • Multimode tracking from same platform
    • Barcodes
    • Multi-layered high-density codes for enhanced security
    • Passive RFID Tracking
    • BLE and Active RFID Tracking
    • Wideband tracking
    • GPS/Cellular Tracking
    • GPS/Satellite Tracking
  • Geo Fencing to ensure assets are within specified areas
  • Flexible Alarm generation and status reporting
  • Ability to “bundle” assets and generate alarms if a bundle is broken
  • Ability to integrate Machines etc. to show working condition/failures etc.
  • Ability to track assets as they move from factories to ware houses and in the field
  • Ability to track assets if when they move through a repair process
  • Integration into other enterprise processes such as warehouse management systems (WMS), ERP and Inventory Management
  • AI/Machine Learning integration for analysis and generation of actionable information