VU360 Solutions Enables Automated Machine Learning for All Companies

Traditional implementations of AI/Machine Learning have been cumbersome and usually involve an army of workers and data scientists analyzing and using data to improve products or operations.

Vu360 Solutions has implemented highly advanced, automated data pipeline to automate tasks such as data ingestions, data extraction and data transformation etc. with inline AI machine learning algorithms to provide real-time ingestion and analysis of data.

Vu360 Automated Machine Learning Benefits:

  • Ability to Ingest Data from Variety of different sources: Databases, Web Data and other enterprise resources
  • Unique ability to integrate IoT data to provide Asset Intelligence
  • Inline and Realtime data transformation
  • Ability to handle structured and un-structured data
  • Inline data modeling and real time application of AI/Machine learning algorithms
  • On Premise or Cloud Implementation for low maintenance
  • Visualization tools to make sense of results

Top 5 Benefits of AI

Percentage of survey respondents who rated each benefit in the top three for their company

Enchance current products
Optimize internal operations
Make better decisions
Optimize external operations
Free workers to be more creative

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