Every successful analysis of a problem or developing a solution starts with assembling/gathering (Data Ingestion) the required data and making it available in a useful format (Data Transformation) ….

Vu360 Solutions has developed tools and technologies to make the job easy.

  • Automated Data Ingestion from variety of sources such as ERP systems, Other Data Bases, IoT Data and even Web Data
  • Intelligent Data Transformation to merge, filter and fill making data from various sources useful
  • Ability to handle both Structured and Unstructured data providing unmatched capabilities to handle all types of data
  • Ability to handle extremely large amount of data such as billions of records or demographic data with very low latency
  • Ability to analyze data in real time
  • Ability to apply pre-built or custom AI/Machine learning algorithms
  • Power Visualization tools to analyze and chart the data in real time.

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