Hospital Building & Energy Management

Vu360’s Hospital Building & Energy Management solution is an advanced IoT based system that manages a real-time data pipeline to continuously ingest sensor and other environmental information allowing it to monitor and control the hospital environment to deliver safe and comfortable conditions according to International Standards.

The system also uses analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to maximize energy efficiency to achieve optimal balance between safety, comfort and efficiency.

Our Hospital Building & Energy Management platform ensures scalability and Integration with existing components such as Air Handling Units (AHUs), Chillers and Control Valves etc.

Connectivity Example
Centralized Monitoring and Control for setting overall rules, monitor performance and provide Analytic tools for better energy management

Central Monitoring and Management station allows Operations manager to remotely monitor and manage the entire HVAC system including monitoring status and alarms, setting up the system and new zones and managing the overall energy utilization etc.

Vu360 System central management and Monitoring station includes high quality, large format touch screen allowing easy monitoring and control. Some of the key functions include:

  1. System and Alarm Monitoring
    Advanced Screens and Dash boards allow full visibility of the system and various subcomponents with alarms that can be texted, paged or emailed. System is also highly customizable and allows almost limitless number of sensors and fault systems to be connected to the alarm and monitoring systems
  2. System Setup and Settings
    Vu360’s central management system provides full flexibility to operations manager to setup the system, create zone and make changes etc. These include simple settings such as time of day settings for independent zones to more complex dead band settings. This also includes various Fan, Chillers and VAV settings as well. The System also provides full control and setting VFDs (If installed) so as to provide full energy consumption benefits.
Integrated Control in OTs

Some of the Key areas in Hospitals such as operating rooms are typically managed by an integrated system that not only manages the workflow but also provides control of Operating Room equipment (Cameras, Lighting, Anesthesia Machine and OT tables etc.). Additionally, the Integrated Management and Control System also provides monitoring and control of environmental parameters such as temperature and pressure etc.

Such Control allows flawless and efficient operation making sure that Pressure or Temperature is maintained at specific levels for certain type of operations.

The key environmental parameters to be monitored are as follows:

  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Particulate Count
  • Differential Air Pressure
  • Air Filter Status/Age

The Integrated system also provides control of Temperature and Differential Air Pressure to ensure that the right conditions can be set for specific operations.

Control in less stringent environment and areas such as ICUs, Patient Wards and OPD

While certain areas in the Hospital (such as patient wards), may have their own separate AHUs these don’t require stringent control. As such simpler control devices as well as sensors can be used to provide control in such areas.

Typically, a small wall mount touch panel is used. Vu360 provides a variety of touch panel from affordable units to medical grade IP-65 compliant units.

Vu360 also provides fully functional Mobile App allowing basic parameters to be controlled through a smart phone or tablet.