This is not just regular Geo-Spatial analysis…

This is Unlocking full Economic & Public Health Power of Data…

This is Vu360 Location Intelligence.

Location and Geo-Spatial Intelligence for Business

  • Analyzing Demographic & Geographical Data to help businesses complete feasibility studies
  • Purchasing Power and Geo-spatial Analysis to help identify new Locations for the Businesses
  • Help Identify Secondary or Tertiary Locations in Case Primary Locations are unavailable.
  • Create Industry Specific Tools to Plan Business Setup (Linking to Suppliers, Architects and Construction Companies etc.)
  • Industry Specific Demand Analysis for different regions and for Export oriented businesses
  • Supply Chain Analysis with identification of various supplier
  • Supply Chain risk analysis
  • Warehouse and Inventory Optimization with identification of Geographically suitable sites for Setting Warehouse and Keeping Inventory.


Location and Geo-Spatial Intelligence for Public Entities & Public Health

  • Analysis of large amount demographic data in Cities, States or Countries to provide useful insights about living patterns, behaviors and spending habits etc.
  • The Data can be used Foreign Direct Investors (FDI) to evaluate demographics and make informed decisions about type of investments and potential returns etc.
  • The Data can also be used by the local governments to launch effective public training or public health programs.
  • Analysis Public Health Programs including demographic patterns, current availability of health facilities and correlation between demographics and diseases etc.
  • The data can be used by local and central governments to improve healthcare and derive more efficiencies throughout the system.
  • The Tools and capabilities can also be used by large and complex supply chains such as government controlled pharmaceutical supply chains to reduce waste, pilferage and in general, improve the overall efficiency.



  • Real time data processing capability of the system allows any area to be Geo-fenced.
  • Any Personnel or assets can be monitored in the Geo-fenced area generating alarm if any person or asset has left the area.
  • Ability to create any type of Geo-fencing from a small house to complete city.