OR Management & Monitoring System

A comprehensive operating room system engineered to improve workflow and information management throughout the entire surgical process

Vu360 Solutions offers a fully integrated software program that manages, monitors and controls all important functions of an operating room.

Our software integrates with current Hospital Information Management Systems (HIMS) or Electronic Record Management (ERM) systems to provide full visibility into your schedules and patient data with seamless functionality.


OR Workflow

Improved workflow for a better patient experience

  • 1

    Calendar View

    Capture OR booking with graphical user interface to add, modify or delete items

  • 2

    Staff Scheduling

    OR staff scheduling with the ability to assign staff across multiple operating rooms

  • 3

    Resource Scheduling

    Track and schedule equipment, consumables, and medications required for each operation

  • 4

    Patient Progress

    Post operation patient care with the ability to track progress of every patient

  • 5


    Ensures completion of all checklist items


Instrument & Equipment Control

Vu360’s software solution controls various instruments and equipment in the OR. Our software allows for an easy integration of third party equipment and once installed, it allows easy provisioning and addition of such instruments and equipment in various operating rooms.

Instruments and Equipment controlled by our software include:

  • OR Table
  • OR Lighting
  • Air conditioning/Thermostats
  • OR Camera Systems
  • Fire Prevention Controls
  • Access Control Systems

Asset and People Tracking

Our integrated software also provides solutions to track assets and people within the OR in real-time. We are able to provide a real-time view of all OR assets such as endoscopy equipment, mobile X-ray units or ECG units, etc at all times thus optimizing the use of assets across multiple operating rooms.

Vu360’s Asset and People Tracking capabilities include:

  • Real-time tracking of all assets/machines and equipment using RFID for efficient use of such equipment across ORs
  • Tracking of expensive consumables such as stents and pharmaceuticals, etc. as they are checked in for procedures
  • Tracking and accounting of all consumables used in each procedure

Track personnel in real-time within various ORs while obtaining information about personnel locations and time spent per patient


Video Display & Management 

Our software takes video and other rich media information from variety of sources such as endoscopy equipment, standard or 3D X-ray systems, OR cameras and other systems to provide real-time and up-to-date information to medical professionals.

Some of the key features of Video Display & Management system include:

  • Simultaneously display multiple video feeds and other rich media sources
  • Easily switch between various feeds
  • Select and enlarge images
  • High definition 4K display
  • Ability to use multiple display systems

Record multiple images or feeds with the option to retrieve recorded information by entering a case number or patient ID number, etc.


Operating Room Management

Vu360’s OR Management and Monitoring Solution manages the entire operating room workflow, including booking of the operation rooms, scheduling of staff and ensuring completion of pre-operative checklists. Our system also extends the workflow to post-operative care, including status and visit monitoring as well as linking pharmaceutical dispensing.

Our OR Management Solution offers:

  • Import and display patient data using HL7 interface
  • Creates case/patient folder while adding all pertinent patient data, i.e. video, pre-operation checklists and even post-op care information
  • Easily transfer data to ERM and HIMS
  • Manage and Ensure compliance:
    • Checklist for instrument “bring-up” power on diagnostic check, special attachments, etc.
    • Alert to OR manager if one or more instruments are unavailable
    • Checklist for instrument cleaning
    • Instructions on storage requirements and/or relocation information, example: if instrument is to be cleaned and used for another operation in another operating room
    • Malfunction notifications
    • Completion displays for instrument cleaning
    • Cleaning and maintenance history recorded for each instrument