Protecting the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: Current Challenges & Future Solutions

How do you protect the pharma supply chain? Managing a supply chain is no easy task.  Ensuring safety

How do you protect the pharma supply chain?

Managing a supply chain is no easy task.  Ensuring safety and security is a whole other story. Everyday industries face their own unique set of challenges when managing the supply chain and security is always top of mind. Theft, diversion, and counterfeiting are rampant worldwide; especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Ongoing government regulations can make a minor supply chain issue in one industry a major problem in another industry or in another jurisdiction.

Now more than ever in this constantly changing market, security is paramount to the future of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Supply chains need to be secure, reliable and well managed. No matter how extensive or complex it may be. Many companies are faced with these challenges daily and lack the knowledge to address them properly.  Some of these challenges range from a lack of tracking capabilities, temperature control and compliance regulations.

Tracking is Key
Supply chains are complex and often change several hands before reaching their destination. It may seem almost impossible to track goods from end-to-end, but it’s more realistic than you would think.

Vu360’s Automated Track & Trace solution offers just that, a complete end-to-end trackability solution that can be customized with our mix and match application modules. Our technology tells you where your products are, where they are going, what their temperature is and when they arrive at their destination. Standard ERP and WMS systems keep track of materials used and products, but Vu360 can see where those materials and products are within the entire supply chain at any given point in time. The system can also tell you where the materials have been, at what time they were in any given location and what characteristics the products possess.

Our software allows shippers and manufacturers to know instantly if their products are subject to counterfeiting, theft, and diversion via automated alerts via any mobile, tablet or computer device. Protecting your business every step of the way.

Verified Cold
Cold Chain management is a critical component in the supply chain process; especially for agriculture and pharmaceutical industries.

Cold chain is the process of moving temperature sensitive products through the supply chain; in this case let’s say pharmaceutical pills. Improper or ineffective cold chain controls cause temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals to lose efficacy and become ineffective when administrated or worse yet, various chemical reactions can take place in certain medications rendering them not only in effective, but toxic and dangerous.

Pharmaceutical companies are unavoidably the target of lawsuits. Proper cold chain management helps ensure that medications reach patients with the maximum efficacy, minimizing liability from ineffective medications.

Vu360 created Cold Vu360 Cold Chain Solutions to solve these challenges and provide companies with an overall robust cold chain management system that is future-proofed. Our system is accurate, affordable, automated and easily interfaces with existing ERP, WMS and TMS systems. Our automated active real-time temperature monitoring system utilizes IoT, RFID and nano marker technologies that integrate 3D thermal imaging. Monitoring the temperature of your products and ensuring consumers

GS1 Compliance
Globally, standards have evolved into a system called “Item level Serialization” where each item is coded with unique serial number. This simplifies the ability to track, trace, monitor or authenticate any pharmaceuticals. The GS-1 standard is widely used; however, it is neither a failsafe measure nor complete. Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are a global concern. Counterfeiters duplicate GS-1 codes allowing them to introduce counterfeit, ineffective medications into the supply chain.

To attack the counterfeiting problem, GS-1 codes are combined with other proprietary coding which are associated with the GS-1 codes. Vu360 solutions seamlessly associates these codes. For the management and storage of pharmaceuticals, temperature controlled storage is also used.

Vu360 Protects Your Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
The Vu360 supply chain security management system combines conventional supply chain management policies with security measures – allowing you to protect your business against threats such as theft and diversion. Important aspects of our security management include tracking products through the supply chain with RFID enabled multi-level unique identification codes, validating transporter credentials, interfacing shipper TMS systems with transporter ELD systems for complete visibility, and securing cargo in transit with real-time monitoring incorporating cameras and sensors.

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