Hospital Material, Inventory and Asset Management System

Hospital material (including consumables & pharmaceuticals) as Inventory and assets management present unique challenges as these items not only need to be readily available but also need to be handled with extra care to ensure patient safety.

At the same time, all these items can have a big impact on overall efficiency and profitability.

Keeping in view the above factors, Vu360 Solutions has put together a suite of software solutions with integrated IoT and track and trace technology that can ensure minimum stock outs, safe handling while ensuring maximum efficiency and re-use.

Key Attributes

  • AI and Machine learning based inventory and material management to ensure minimal or no stock outs of consumables and pharmaceuticals based upon complex simulations which keep track of each individual items.
  • Relevant people are alerted based upon consumption rates, forecasts and delivery times etc. to issue new POs to minimize or eliminate stock outs
  • AI based algorithms also optimize inventory positions to lower cost
  • Integrated Pharmacy operation that can integrate with other HIMS and EMR systems to control dispensing and eliminate theft and pilferage etc.
  • Integrated Barcode and/or RFID scanning systems to optimize flow of material

  • Advanced asset tracking system to track all major assets including fixed and movable assets
  • Full integration into systems such scheduling and workflow systems as OR managements system to optimally schedule assets for OR and other procedures
  • RFID tracking of key assets and personnel with automatic alarms and notification. For example, the system can automatically notify all personnel that need to be present for an OR procedure in real-time
  • Detailed analytics and reports on the consumption of material and use of assets etc.
  • Integration of assets such as CT and other machines into system to report operational conditions