The 5 W’s of Cold Chain Management

In this blog, you’ll learn about cold chain management, Vu360’s Solution’s Cold Chain Management Solution, Cold Vu360, why cold

In this blog, you’ll learn about cold chain management, Vu360’s Solution’s Cold Chain Management Solution, Cold Vu360, why cold chain management is crucial to the supply chain and the impact of ineffective cold chain management.

What is Cold Chain Management?
Cold Chain Management is the process of moving temperature sensitive products through the supply chain while maintaining a temperature controlled environment throughout the entire transit. Once a temperature sensitive product is manufactured, that product may be stored in a warehouse, shipped in a truck, train or on an airplane, and then stored in a subsequent warehouse prior to reaching the retailer and consumer. Ensuring that the product remains in an environmentally controlled setting and maintaining the product at its required temperature throughout the entire supply chain is the basis of Cold Chain Management.

Why Cold Vu360 Cold Chain Solution?
Cold Vu360 is the cold chain solution of the future, but it is available today. Vu360 Solutions will solve your complex cold chain problems and provide your company with a comprehensive cold chain management system. The system is accurate, affordable, automated and easily interfaces with existing ERP, WMS and TMS systems. Once our team installs the system, you can sit back and be assured that your temperature sensitive products arrive in the marketplace in the condition you intended.

Who does Cold Chain effect?
A large portion of goods moving around the globe require cold chain management to prevent spoilage. The agricultural industry and the food chain present difficult challenges which require complex cold chain management. Fresh and frozen foods must maintain at a variety of temperatures to prevent the food from spoiling in very different environments such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, fields, trucks, etc. Lack of cold chain controls and food spoilage causes buyers to reject the shipments. The farmer, distributor or manufacturer then lose the value of the entire shipment. Tragically, lack of cold chain controls and food spoilage also leads to severe illness and even death.

The pharmaceutical industry is also dependent on a complex but secure and reliable cold chain to maintain the value of their products and brands. Improper or ineffective cold chain controls cause temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals lose efficacy when administrated or worse yet, various chemical reactions can take place in certain medications rendering them not only ineffective, but toxic and dangerous. Pharmaceutical companies are unavoidably the target of lawsuits. Proper cold chain management helps ensure that medications reach patients with the maximin efficacy, minimizing liability from ineffective medications.

How does it work?
Vu360 Solutions extends cold chain management beyond the factory and warehouse and continues through the shipping process. Cold Vu360 interfaces with TMS and ELD systems for real-time active temperature monitoring during transit. Geofencing pinpoints the location of the shipment and shippers can actively monitor the location, temperature, humidity, ethylene and CO2 levels of their freight. If the shipper chooses, access to location and temperature data can be extended to consignees to keep all parties informed.

When and Where Cold Chain become the most critical?
Cold Vu360 protects valuable freight during shipping with precise cold chain controls and provides complete real-time end-to-end visibility by incorporating tight IoT integration. If a product does fall out of the required temperature range, (or and other sensor data ranges) the system will alert the shipper for immediate mitigation via and computer, device or smartphone. The system can be interfaced with IoT enabled refrigeration units to automatically adjust the temperature during transit.

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