Vu360 Solutions Enhances 360° Health Care Solutions Suite

Press Release Naperville, IL. – Vu360 Solutions, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & IoT based software

Press Release

Naperville, IL. – Vu360 Solutions, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & IoT based software & technology solutions in the Supply Chain, Healthcare and Agriculture markets, announced revolutionary enhancements to their health care product portfolio by introducing AI/Machine learning based improvements to various workflows and solution components. The enhancements significantly improve use of healthcare facility resources providing as much as 70% improvement in resource utilization at most facilities.

“We’ve expanded and enhanced our “360° Health Care” solution suite by incorporating “continuous intelligence” in various workflows and solution components. Our goal is to enable use of every resource at healthcare facilities in the most productive way possible. We can achieve higher efficiencies and provide cost benefits to the healthcare operators while ensuring best possible patient care.”, says Rizwan Khan, Founder of Vu360 Solutions.

Some of the benefits of incorporating “Continuous Intelligence” in healthcare workflows and asset management include:

  • Efficient Use of Resources: More efficient allocation of resources such as Operating Rooms or Emergency Resources to ensure more patients can be treated with existing reserves.
  • Adaptable Workflows: Workflows that are adaptable based upon special conditions such weather or incontrollable acts of nature to handle increased volume.
  • Self-Learning Workflows: Continuous Intelligence allows workflows to adapt and learn based upon things such individual behaviors of care providers. For example, learning the average time it takes a specific doctor to complete a procedure or time it takes for specific cleaning crews to get an operating room ready for the following surgery.
  • Effective Use of Assets: Ensuring that each asset is available, in working condition and is used most effectively. Automated alerts notify staff when assets go missing and are required for specific procedures.
  • Consumable Waste Reduction: The software monitors and enables reduction of waste of consumables and other expensive surgical assets.
  • Monitoring and Tracking Potential Issues: The system monitors and automatically tracks issues like increased complaints or risks (such as potential infection risks) in a way that sources can be identified, and proactive steps can be taken to reduce these risks.

The Vu360° Healthcare Solutions Suite now includes the following modules that can be deployed independently or in any combination to provide seamless operation:

  • Operating Room Management: Manages, Schedules and Controls complete operating room workflow including resource management and control of physical devices and HVAC systems etc.
  • CSSD & Laundry Management: Manages, Schedules and Complete CSSD and Laundry workflows including traceability to ensure safety and infection control, etc.
  • Emergency Management: Manages and Controls entire Emergence Workflow including Triage and Patient flow for effective and efficient use of resources.
  • Integration System: IoT and HL-7 Based Integration systems allow integration of existing hospital systems and resources such PACS, Lab and Radiology etc. workflows for easy access to information efficient use of these expensive resources for better patient care.
  • Asset & Personnel Management: RFID based solution automatically tracks assets and personnel with the ability to pin point missing assets required for specific procedures etc. The Personnel Management is a Real Time Location System with ability to locate and alert specific personnel.
  • Pharmacy, Store and Material Management: Effectively and efficiently manages Pharmacies, Hospital store and overall material including purchasing, consumption and overall inventory management.
  • Facility Management: Manages an entire facility based upon actual facilities including access control, asset tracking, HVAC, lighting and energy management etc.
  • Patient Monitoring System (PMS): PMS is a fully integrated monitoring unit, that not only allows patient/vital monitoring at health care facilities but is also capable of pulling of displaying important information such PACS or Lab information for easier decision making. With integrated video conferencing capability, the unit is also ideal for Telemedicine or use in remote health facilities like feeder clinics.
  • Assisted Living: The system combines advanced workflow management specifically designed for Assisted living facilities with other modules such as RFID based Asset & Personnel Management to provide industry’s most comprehensive software solution for assisted living facilities.

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