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A picture archiving and communication system (PACS) is a medical imaging technology which provides economical storage and convenient access to images from multiple modalities (source machine types). Electronic images and reports are transmitted digitally via PACS; this eliminates the need to manually file, retrieve, or transport film jackets, the folders used to store and protect X-ray film. The universal format for PACS image storage and transfer is DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine). Non-image data, such as scanned documents, may be incorporated using consumer industry standard formats like PDF, once encapsulated in DICOM.

A PACS consists of four major components: The imaging modalities such as X-ray plain film (PF), computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a secured network for the transmission of patient information, workstations for interpreting and reviewing images, and archives for the storage and retrieval of images and reports. Combined with available and emerging web technology, PACS has the ability to deliver timely and efficient access to images, interpretations, and related data. PACS reduces the physical and time barriers associated with traditional film-based image retrieval, distribution, and display.

Vu360 Solutions has developed state of the art and extremely modular PACS that can easily fill the needs of small to medium hospitals/clinics as well large multi-location hospital groups. Full web-based system can run in a cloud environment or from the local server(s).

    • The system meets and exceeds the latest DICOM standards

    • Highly Modular storage system handles demands of small and large enterprises. Multi-Dimensional storage allows fast access of latest data as well as archiving for long-term storage

    • Both cloud-based and server-based offerings

    • Integrated Radiology Information System (RIS)


  • Easy Integration with Vu360 system or existing Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) and EMR systems based on HL-7 Interfaces. Proven ability to interface with a number of well-established HIMS/EMRs.

  • A PACS that goes beyond conventional image and data capabilities and offers rich media including video storage and retrieval capabilities.

  • The advanced Vu360 PACS stores/archives and distributes images and text data from the existing radiographic equipment using Computed Radiography System (CR) or Digital Radiography System (DR), CT Scan, MRI and Ultrasound machines of the hospital.

  • Ability to access stored information anywhere inside or outside the hospitals/clinics through variety of devices such as professional DICOM viewers, desktop/laptops as well as mobiles devices & tablets (Android & iOS devices) through custom applications.

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